Large projects

Besides the functional and visual elements in large projects, it is very important to know and comply with all regulations related to construction work. You can find competitive products for contemporary construction work in the Edux door collection.

Edux’s apartment door’s fire classification is EI30 and sound insulation is Rw 42dB when solid and 37dB with a window. The door
is available both painted or with veneer surfacing, as well as with a window. Apartment doors’ accessories: Letter box, door viewer,
doorbell, security chains, etc.

Our aluminium-coated balcony doors are in high demand, especially for large projects. The doors are double
sealed, glazing can be chosen according to the site’s needs and our espagnolette runs in the inner rabbet of the
door providing burglary protection. The aluminium-coated balcony doors’ frame options are 131 mm (standard),
170 mm (standard) and 210 mm. All aluminium-coated balcony doors are available with all glass heights.