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Solid wood structure

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Solid wood structure

Technical information

Door leaf:Wood framed (66 x 87mm) door leaf. Panelled on both sides with STV12 x 92 mm pine panels. Insulation thickness 66mm. Total thickness of door leaf 90 mm.
Hinge:Burglary resistant Abloy N3248-110TMKSS-CE Zn/PKI hinges 3-4 pcs
Locking:Lock case Abloy LC190, striker plate Multihela 0092-B Fe/Zl width adjustable striker plate
Seal:Double seal
Glazing:Triple insulating glass, selective + argon
Insulation:SPU urethane insulation
Frame:Lamella glued pine frame 54mm x 131 mm / (170mm/210mm)
Threshold:Hardwood threshold, birch
U-value:0.6-0.95 W/m2